Grand Island Central Catholic Launches Capital Campaign For Elementary School

Grand Island Central Catholic officials held a press conference Monday afternoon to announce a capital campaign to build the first preschool through 12th grade campus in Grand Island.

“The final decision to move forward with this project was actually just made last Thursday”, said GICC Principal Jordan Engle, “and I don’t know that I’ve slept more than two hours since, because I’ve just been so excited about the prospects of the future and having an elementary school here at Central Catholic. Right now is the time for very deep prayer, and we’re just going to go out and make sure to gather as much support as we can for this, and as an administrative team we’re fully invested in seeing this through”               

Engle says the potential impact on enrollment is forecast to be fulfilled once the building is completed.

“It’s not a secret that Grand Island is a growing town, our community is probably growing a little bit faster than what we can keep up with, in terms of housing, jobs and some other areas, education is included in that. We have really great choices for education here in Grand Island, but the hunger is there for more choice, and a lot of that comes by nature of our schools being a little bit crowded.In terms of enrollment we have a forecast that says this school will be able to comfortably accommodate 280 students in preschool through fifth grade.”        

A feasibility study has put the price tag on the elementary addition at 9 million dollars, with the goal of having the school built for the 2024-2025 school year.  


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