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GI Family Radio CEO Disappointed In Response From GIPS In April FOA Requests

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GI Family Radio CEO Alan Usher issued a statement today voicing disappointment in GIPS saying that its responses to his Nebraska Public Records Act requests were “not only were disingenuous, but in most instances failed to even answer the questions asked.” 


Usher continued “We submitted a number of requests to GIPS under the Nebraska Public Records Act and expected not only a prompt reply, but a complete and genuine one that reflected the importance and seriousness of the issues. Of the 248-page response, 114 pages were a cover letter and staff employee handbooks and many of the other documents provided were simply not responsive. Unfortunately, myself and the rest of the community are still waiting for GIPS to comply.”


When asked what it was that he requested that he did not receive, Usher went on to say “There are very few answers given to the questions that were asked, but at the core of what we asked and didn't receive were:  


 1. What were the survey questions you asked the children, parents, and teachers


2. What were the aggregate answers to those questions


3. Did you follow listed legal guidelines when administering the surveys?  


All very specific questions that are still unanswered. Further, GIPS failed to provide the contract with Panorama as well as invoices and payments showing what GIPS has used taxpayer money for.” 


The Requests and GIPS’s responses have been made available to anyone who would like to review them. All documents are now available for review at GI Family Radio, 3205 West North Front St, in Grand Island between 9am and 4pm Monday through Friday.


Usher concluded by saying “It’s our place as Grand Island's only locally owned media company to report on issues important to our community, and the education of our children and the work environment at one of our largest employers is critical to all citizens.  GIPS is facing many issues such as teachers being spread thin and students seriously underperforming compared to other schools in Nebraska.  In March GIPS issued a press release that stated ‘…we have always strived to be transparent with our schools, staff, families, and community about curriculum standards and initiatives. We always welcome thoughtful feedback and informed opinion from our community in that regard.’ GI Family Radio is committed to hold GIPS to this statement and to providing the community with information so that we can celebrate GIPS’s successes and work together to overcome the obstacles.”  



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